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Learning Mathematics for Teaching Project
About our measures
We design surveys that measure teachers' knowledge for teaching mathematics in several content areas and teaching domains. The measures are unusual, for they are not like most certification or subject matter assessments. Instead, we strive to situate our questions in common problems that arise in the course of teaching mathematics to students. A teacher may be required to provide an explanation to a mathematical rule or procedure, examine an unusual method for solving a problem, or decide which of several definitions is accurate and usable with students at the grade level she teaches. Through identifying and writing problems that draw upon the special mathematical knowledge used in classrooms, we hope to provide evidence for the highly professional nature of teachers' work.

These measures have each been piloted with the help of over 2000 teachers, yielding information about reliability and item characteristics. They are suitable for use in evaluations of content-focused professional development, studies examining teacher learning from pre-service coursework, new curriculum materials, or experience, and projects exploring the contribution of teacher knowledge to student achievement. Users may elect to use forms that have already been piloted and analyzed, or construct their own from our item pool.

The links here describe our study's history and sponsorship, offer more specifics on the content and tasks measured, provide sample items, and present technical details about specific instruments.
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