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Obtaining Our Measures
Because of the expense involved with developing and piloting these measures, we do not release items from our general pool over the web. This decision is similar to ones made by large testing firms, including ETS, CTBS, and others. However, we do make measures available to interested researchers via periodic training sessions held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During training we provide a description of measures development from both a practical and theoretical perspective, give a short background in measurement theory and test construction, then offer advice on logistical issues associated with measures use. There is no cost for training or for the measures themselves, but users must cover transportation and accommodation expenses.
Those interested in attending training to use this larger item pool should contact Merrie Blunk ([email protected]) for information about dates. Before committing to attending training, however, we strongly suggest interested projects read documents written to help determine the appropriateness of our measures for different research designs, and the terms of use associated with our measures. We have also included here answers to frequently asked questions asked by researchers.