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We often receive questions about our measures and training. Here are responses to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the cost of training and TKAS administration?
Training is available online with a fee of $150. The annual fee for use of the measures (either paper and pencil or through TKAS) is $500 per year. Waivers are available for those who qualify.

What if I attended in-person or online training in the past year and now wish to use the instruments?
If you have already attended one of our in-person trainings, you do not need to pay for or complete the online training. When you are granted access to the TKAS system, you will be able to revew training materials at no cost.

How much statistical expertise do we need before using the measures?
The statistical expertise needed varies by how you intend to use the forms. For those who use TKAS, very little statistical knowledge is necessary – the system handles the data, calculates scores, and can even perform t-tests. Paper and pencil users will need an ability to handle data, calculate standardized scores (z-scores), and conduct basic significance tests in Excel or SPSS. More extensive knowledge of psychometrics is required for those interested in constructing their own forms from our item pool.

What kind of technical assistance can you provide during analysis and writing?
We can offer limited assistance with data analysis and interpretation, usually in the form of email or phone consultation. Unfortunately, our project does not have the capacity to provide technical assistance more widely. If you desire additional technical assistance, you may contact Geoffrey Phelps at [email protected] for information.

Who should be trained?
It is not necessary to have every member of your project complete the training. In fact, most projects only have one or two members trained. We recommend training for those individuals directly involved in the customization and administration of your instruments (e.g., choosing the form or constructing a new one; securing teacher participation) and those who will be analyzing, interpreting, and reporting results.

Can we see any items before attending the professional development?
We do not release our actual instruments before training for several reasons including:
  • The need to keep items and forms secure. Since these instruments are used to evaluate professional learning programs and policies, we have chosen to ensure security by releasing instruments only to those who attend training and agree to conditions of use.
  • Our concerns about how these measures might be used in the field. Measures of teachers' knowledge have been used in the past to argue that teachers have limited mathematical knowledge - yet often these claims are not substantiated by the research design, and continued use of these measures for this purpose will likely increase non-response and refusal rates in research and evaluation efforts.
Please examine our released items to learn more about what we can and cannot offer research projects.

What is the online training like?
The online training is compsed of six modules, each of which is a combination of slides with an audio voice over. Three of the modules are required and three are optional, each about 30-40 minutes. You may print out a copy of the slides and/or transcript of the audio if you wish. There is a quiz at the end of module 1 that you must pass before continuing. The quiz covers the content of the first module as well as an agreement to our terms of use. You may spend as much time as you like taking these modules. The system automatically allows you access to the online assessment administration system, TKAS, along with all the forms and supporting documents once you complete the third required module. You may go back and watch any or all of the modules as many times as you wish.

The modules include:
  1. Overview of the measures (required)
  2. Designing an Assessment Plan (required)
  3. Using TKAS (required)
  4. Designing your own Assessment Form
  5. Validation
  6. Scoring and Interpreting Data
How do I apply for training?
To apply for the training, you must complete a request for access to the training, a form which asks about your background and experience with teacher assessment and your purposes for using the measures. You must also complete one of two payment option forms; either an agreement to be invoiced for the cost of the training and the annual fee for use of the measures or a request for waiver of the fees. Refer to the LMT home page for links to these forms.

To request access to the training, complete the application. Prior to being approved for training, you must also complete either the agreement to be invoiced for the cost of the training or the waiver fee form.